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Thursday, 24 March 2016

$200 Billion Dollars Recovered Loot From Dubai: Give $1million Dollars To Each Nigerian,Group Advise Buhari




Following media reports that the Federal Government is set to recover over $200 billion dollars from United Arab Emirates stolen from Nigeria by seven former governors and some ex Ministers, a group, the Igbo Awareness Coalition has advised President Muhammadu Buhari to give each Nigerian $ 1 million dollars whenever the loot is recovered.

The group in a statement in Enugu and signed by Rev Emmanuel Duru (President) and Samson Osuji ((Secretary), said such sharing policy will quickly and immediately take Nigerians out of poverty and misery.

The group said the Federal Government should use the Biometric Verification Number (BVN) of Nigerians to serve as data to guide it in distributing the monies.

“Of the $200 billion dollars, if each Nigerian with a BVN Number gets one million dollars; the government will only spending N160 billion dollars from the $200 billion dollars loot.

The money to be shared will not be up to $160 billion dollars because a good number of Nigerians do not even have BVN numbers.

“We will have over $40 billion dollars left or more for the government to take care of other pressing economic needs. This will be enough for the federal Government to carry out other responsibilities and enable it fulfill most of its campaign promises.

“We have a budget of over N6 trillion naira that will be approved by the National Assembly.  We believe that takes care of power, education, health, roads and other sectors of the economy.

“There is no other better way to make Nigerians benefit from the abundant wealth and resources of the nation which was siphoned and stolen by past PDP governments in Nigeria.

“ Imagine such amount of money stolen by those elected by the people. We can no longer place our trust on some of these governors. If they can siphon such amount of money, then it has become imperative that the monies are given to Nigerians directly..

" We do not see anything wrong with it. We have lost confidence in the system.

“We know Buhari has come for change. Our proposal is a positive change and we humbly advise him to heed to it. ” the group stated.

The group said its suggestion may look absurd in the eyes of some economists, but stated that this is the only way Nigerians will be taken out of penury. 

“We call it simple economics. Enough of economic theories which has not taken Nigerians anywhere. This is our collective wealth. let us be part of it.

" We are convinced that Buhari will be hailed by Nigerians and his legacy will live forever" the group stated

Recently, a national daily reported that the Federal Government and the government of United Arab Emirates  signed a “ Judicial Agreement on Extradition, transfer of sentenced persons, mutual legal assistance on criminal matters and mutual legal assistance on criminal and commercial matters which included recovery and repatriation of stolen wealth”  

The report further stated that a Federal Government team made up of Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami, EFCC Chairman, Ibrahim Magu and crack detectives are compiling collated intelligence notes on Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) with their UAE counterpart.

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