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The Privacy Policies that are stated below apply to all persons who interact with us, including those who are advertisers, subscribers to our goods or services and registered and unregistered users.

Ad Policy

All ads submitted to the INNONEWS.COM are strategically stored and kept for future reference purposes,
All information submitted alongside the ad will remain confidential
Your contact information will not be given to any other media platform and it will be used as a means to contact you.
Comments Policy

All viewers who are subscribed and those who are not subscribed are not allowed to post spam comments or comments that are in no relation to the story posted
All spam posts will not be published on the site.
Abusive/Vulgar remarks will not be posted on the site as well, please refrain from posting  abusive comments.


If you have a problem with any post or comment on this blog, please kindly send us an e-mail via or call us with +2348065648380 or +2348066605375


In cases where viewers have stories or information that they wish to publish on our blog, all stories will need a 3 day verification process to verify if the posts are genuine and not spam.
Do not resend a post if it isn’t published within 3 days.

Note that all posts posted by INNONEWS.COM are not to be copied and pasted on any other site without permission