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Sunday, 15 May 2016

Buhari's One Year In Office: Igbo Group Want President To Improve On Economy, Hail Fight Against Corruption, Insurgency


The Igbo Awareness Coalition (IAC) has given its verdict on the All Progressive Congress, APC led administration of President Muhammadu Buhari on its one year in office- improve on the economy.

In a statement after its meeting in Enugu and signed by its president, Rev Emmanuel Duru, the group said the President must realize that Nigerians are suffering as hardship has overtaken the entire Nigerian landscape.

“Nigerians have never had it so bad in the last five years as the cost of living is extremely high as we groan over seeming endless hardship with no remedy in sight”

“One of the campaign promises of the present administration is to improve the lives of Nigerians. That Nigerians have not seen in the last one year. We call for expedited action to salvage the Nigerian citizenry from the trauma of the prevailing hardship in the land”
The IAC backed the de- regulation of the oil industry but advised the Federal Government to go for full de- regulation where market forces will determine the price of premium motor spirit (PMS).

The group however gave kudos to President Buhari for sustaining the fight against insurgency in the North East which has considerably reduced the activities of the dreaded sect, Boko Haram. It also called on the President to focus more attention in checkmating the activities of Fulani herdsmen who recently unleashed deadly attack in Ukpabi- Nimbo community in Enugu State.

The IAC opposed the proposed grazing routes and sites for Fulani herdsmen, stressing that “such measure will not in any way put a stop to the lingering dispute between the herdsmen/ farmers especially in the South East region".

“With the bad blood now existing between the herdsmen/farmers, it will be unwise to concede grazing sites to them in Igboland. We believe only a proactive step and measures by the Federal Government will stop the heinous activities of the herdsmen before the matter snowball into a crisis beyond the magnitude we can all handle”

The IAC defended the anti- corruption fight of Mr. President, urging him not to relent.

“We support the ongoing war against corruption by Mr. President. Those who say that the anti corruption crusade by Mr. President is selective are missing the point or are oblivious of the fact that it is mainly members of the opposition PDP that were in power for 16 years had more access to public funds and therefore prone to looting public funds”

"President Buhari can only be judged if his anti corruption war is selective or not if he fails to probe  APC members in his government who willfully indulge in corrupt practices".

The inclusion of the second Niger Bridge in the 2016 Budget also attracted the attention of the group as the IAC said the President should ensure the speedy completion of the project which has become a political instrument for politicians to use for campaign purposes during electioneering period.

The IAC pointed out that the second Niger bridge is the key to improved economic activities in the South East which is widely known as the hub of commercial activities in the country and the West Africa sub region.

It also gave kudos to the five south east ministers in Buhari’s government, commending them for discharging their responsibilities effectively despite the late passage of the 2016 Budget.

“The Five South East Ministers are worthy sons of Igboland. We are pleased with some of the innovations and contributions to the progress and success of the present administration through their various ministries which is for the betterment of Igboland and the nation at large".

The group however called on South East governors to create an investor friendly environment in the region in order to attract foreign investment and called on President Buhari to consider the South East for future foreign direct investments.

It expressed regret that the $60 billion dollar investments President Buhari attracted during his recent visit to China, none of them were not sighted in the South East.



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